Charming Dream


Creator of Beautiful Legends


  • Background


  • Chengmei Dreamland is a female entrepreneurial brand based on love and temperature. The brand is committed to bringing Chinese beauty to the world, making life better and life more exciting! Adhering to the belief of "waking up a woman, warming a family, harmonious socie-ty, and prospering a country", we walk in every city in the motherland. Practice with heart and pass on with love.

  • Design concept


    The "deer" shape, which symbolizes beautiful auspiciousness in Chinese culture, is used as the core identification symbol of the brand to reflect the brand to create a beautiful experience for women, and to give it a noble quality with a sincere attitude. At the same time, the dreamy crimson pink creates a brand image that is appealing to female consumers.

  • 服务内容
    In July 2019
    Charming Dream
    • 基于创业人的初心愿景,创作富有渲染力的品牌理念和策略体系

    • 清晰界定承美梦境旗下多业务板块与母品牌的架构关系

    • 塑造富有强烈识别力和优雅意味的品牌整体视觉系统
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Charming Dream
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