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  • Background


  • Douxbebe is a mother and baby e-commerce brand originating from France. The Chinese brand name is Duobaobei. Douxbebe is the main dissemination in e-commerce stores. Because DouxBebe is derived from French, it is harder for consumers to read it out and remember it. It is not conducive to using brand names as search keywords to import traffic, and it is not condu-cive to long-term accumulation of brand equity. At the same time, the brand image is outdated and backward, it is difficult to meet the needs of the new generation of mothers born in the 90s for beauty and fun emotional products.

  • Design concept


    Extracting the most critical three letters of DBB from the full name of DouxBebe as the brand abbreviation, which is also the first letter combination of Chinese pinyin, which is not only conducive to consumer identification, so as to search for brand keywords when purchasing, but also conducive to memory. At the same time, the three letters of DBB are IPized, different letters are assigned roles, and the maternal and child products are given more emotional value with the trendy picture style, and a deeper emotional connection with the new generation of mothers is achieved.

  • 服务内容
    In July 2019
    • 创作便于消费者识别和记忆的品牌名称DBB,并赋予富有乐趣的笑脸情感符号;

    • 塑造极具识别力的品牌颜色和超级IP,在竞品中脱颖而出;

    • 以时尚潮趣的品牌风格,整合品牌形象系统、产品包装系统、电商媒体系统。