Born to be cool


  • Background

    纸尿裤⾏业出现从所未有的契机,传统纸尿裤以欧美⽊桨芯体品牌作为主导,但在2011年⾼分⼦芯体成为当时的新兴趋势。Ohbaby品牌创始⼈有了 对国产纸尿裤未来发展的雏形规划,创建面向90后新生代潮酷妈妈的纸尿裤品牌,满足时尚妈妈对个性化的情感需求,与她们达成更深度的情感联结,并乐意于将品牌分享给更多妈妈。

  • There is an unprecedented opportunity for the diaper industry. Traditional diapers are dominat-ed by European and American paddle core brands, but in 2011, high-density cores became an emerging trend at the time. The founder of the Ohbaby brand has a rudimentary plan for the future development of domestic diapers, creating a diaper brand for the new generation of trendy and cool mothers born in the 90s, meeting fashionable mothers’ personalized emotional needs, reaching a deeper emotional connection with them, and being happy to Share the brand with more mothers.

  • Design concept


    Ohbaby's brand name itself has strong emotional power, focusing on Oh, amplifying the emotional power of surprises and surprises expressed by Oh, so that consumers can quickly and clearly feel the brand's inherent value proposition. Ingeniously transform O into the eye of surprise, use it as a brand super IP, extending the image of different animals in the entire brand IP family, forming a rich and diverse IP role, and shaping multiple interactive experiences.

  • 服务内容
    品牌策略定义 & 品牌视觉创建
    November 2016
    • 创作令人惊叹的潮酷品牌IP角色家族,与新生代妈妈创造全新母婴用品体验

    • 塑造充满惊喜的Ohbaby品牌形象系统和产品包装系统,与竞品形成独特差异化识别
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