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OKBRAND 凯成東来® 品牌全案策划设计,致力于协助企业创建品牌DNA、提升品牌价值,将品牌核心价值通过国际化、年轻化、时尚化的视觉创意传递给目标客户,提升品牌与消费者接触、销售流程中的传播效率,促进转化成交,持续积累品牌资产。凯成東来®15年行业深耕,数百家企业见证,千万业绩增长。

OKBrand® Brand design, is committed to assisting enterprises to create brand DNA, enhance brand value, the core value of the brand through the internationalization, youth, fashion of visual creativity to deliver to the target customers, improve the brand and consumer contact, sales process in the dissemination of efficiency, promote the transformation of the transaction, continuous accumulation of brand assets.